Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day With Dandelions

a dandelion in our yard

It seems that sylphs and naiads heard my plea *wide grin*. I woke up to a clear sunny day. It was a welcome change after the squally weather we’ve had this preceding week.It was still a bit cold for my taste, but tolerable, especially with the bright sun claiming its rightful place in the sky.

I think the dandelion in the picture can better describe the sun as it appears today. Dandelions brighten the expanse of the still dewy untrimmed lawn the way the sun lights up everything its rays touch. The manner by which they tease bees and small white butterflies is akin to the sun’s mischievous play with fleeting wisps of clouds. These wild flowers lord over the green willful grass as the sun reigns in the blue sky. They are little balls of fire warming the spirit as they herald the coming of cheerful warm days just as the sun is a ball of yellow bright flame freeing us from the last vestiges of winter.

Dandelions are considered “weeds” by some because their leaves cover neighboring plants, robbing them of sunlight. Moreover, they propagate fast because they produce light seeds which can be easily dispersed by the wind. On the other hand, they are considered to have culinary and medicinal uses. They can be used in salads and soups, even the flowers can be fermented into wine or turned into jam. They can also serve as a diuretic medicine (hence the name "pissenlit" in French --- literally means "to urinate in bed"). And its sap is said to be effective as a mosquito repellent or a remedy for warts (source: wikipedia).

Personally, I don’t like dandelions when they grow in our humble vegetable and flower plots. But having them in the yet-to-be-mowed part of our yard is a pleasant sight. They put a dash of romanticism and vivacity in the otherwise wild tangle of weeds.They look like dainty golden pixies as they sway to the serenade of Zephyr's sonata. Their vivid, gay color brings a spring in one’s step, light-heartedness in one’s spirit, optimism in one’s disposition. Their spiky petals (actually florets or small flowers as dandelion flower head is composed of these little flowers) are like shafts of warmth that lifts one’s morale. They bring a note of cheeriness, a prelude to the symphony of spring. Now, I just hope this good weather continues *cross fingers*.


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