Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wine Tag

I was tagged by Francine – a girl who seems to have quickly adapted the French taste for wine and cheese. It’s about what kind of wine I am and the result is…

You Are Chardonnay

Fresh, spirited, and classic - you have many facets to your personality.
You can be sweet and light. Or deep and complex.
You have a little bit of something to offer everyone... no wonder you're so popular.
Approachable and never smug, you are easy to get to know (and love!).
Deep down you are: Dependable and modest
Your partying style: Understated and polite
Your company is enjoyed best with: Cold or wild meat

I’m no wine connoisseur, but I am partial to white wine (please see my “about me” section). Well, that’s a good thing because I prefer white over red meat. And chardonnay is a type of white wine that goes well with fish and poultry meat. Well, there goes your tag Francine.

Now, let’ see what kind of wine Maya, Island Paradise, Jana, Lalaine and Flip My Blog are.


Lalaine said...

Thanks for this tag Lareine! be doing it soon ! Have a great day!!

lareine said...

lalaine, i like your idea of having an "awards and tags" day... you enjoy the weather there :)

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