Saturday, April 5, 2008

Plant With No Name

-What is your name?

-No, I think its better not to bother with names.
-How can I thank you if I don’t have your name?
-You just did.

Conversation between Tristan (James Franco) and Isolde (Sophia Myles)
Tristan + Isolde (2006)

I don’t know the name of this plant. I don’t even remember if it was already here when we moved in (the former owner had planted many trees and shrubs when they lived here). Or perhaps some bird, in its journey to a quiet sunny place, deposited a seed of it in our yard.I thought it was just one of those shrubs--- green and lush in summer, bare and vapid in winter.

But come springtime, its arching branches produce clusters of tiny white blooms. What I find charming is the flower’s five disassociated petals. They are delicately attached to the peduncle, forming a star. One strong gust of wind or a careless stroke of hand will create a billow of white soft haze, permeating the air with its faint sweet scent. The flower’s central part is rimmed by a dainty blush of red with almost translucent stamens capped by bright powdery pollen. Despite its fragility and tiny size, it is a fetching flower. In fact, I feel that its frailty and minuteness combined with its fine redolent smell add to its grace and appeal.

Since I like this shrub, maybe I’ll try to multiply them using cuttings (seeds might take a long time). It gives flower before leaves, like forsythia and plums, so maybe they would require the same care. The problem is I haven’t tried doing it with any of the plants I mentioned *rueful grin*. But well, it would be something to do in autumn :) I hope I would neither forget nor be too lazy to do it. I happen to have quite a looooong to-do list for spring and I haven’t even reached half of it. So I don’t know for autumn *chuckles *. But anyway, it’s still some months from now, so we’ll see :)) *cross fingers*


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