Friday, December 11, 2009

Blooming Friday: Last Bloom

Rudbecka hirta (also known as Black-eyed Susan) on a cold December day

Late blooming Tagetes erecta (Mexican Marigold) in our garden

According to the weather forecast, we’re going to have below zero degree Celsius temperature this weekend and the days after that. So I guess these will be our last blooms for this year before frost sets in.

Well, I hope winter won’t be too cold this year. We had a relatively clement spring and autumn and an almost rain-free, very sunny summer, so I’m thinking winter would be bone-chilling and really icy.

On the other hand, in my experience, frosty morning usually means clear skies and some sun by mid-morning until mid-afternoon. I actually prefer this kind of weather to the rainy, bleak, days of late autumn.

And maybe we’ll have some snow for Christmas! This will be Felix’s (our cat) first winter and I hope he would enjoy the snow. White Christmas and Felix running after snow flakes could make the holidays seasons a lot brighter *smiles*.

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Vilt og vakkert said...

Thanks for coming inside my blog!
Nice to see your last blooming flowers.They´re still beautiful.
Soon the sun will turn and new growing will start ;:O))

Maria Berg said...

I also have the Rudbecka hirta, and it did suvive some degress under zero but only for a few days.

Well the the plant and knife was big!
Maria Berg

AnnA said...

Hi Lareine!
Nice photos with happy colours like the saffronbread in Luciacelebrating...
Thank's for comments on my blog.
Have a nice Sunday!/

Angel.Pearls said...

Really nice pictures of shining yellow flowers -make me happy! Have a great sunday you too!!Love//Eva

lisaschaos said...

SO pretty! I'm in love with the first photo! But I also always love flowers in snow! SO pretty!

The Bumbles said...

Oh - our kitties experienced snow on their paws and bellies for the first time last weekend - they were like little wild snow cats out there bounding around and diving under the drooping shrubs. My minimal plant life didn't seem to enjoy it as much.

Sharodindu said...


Soo.. the great creation of mother nature is in perfectly creative hand.

Great job!!
Each of the pics is looking great!

andré said...

That's nice to have those flowers blooming in December!

Maria Berg said...

Pyrénées is a mountain range forming a natural border between France and Spain- thank you for telling me, I know where it is I was not thinking when you wrote the name.

See you tomorrow with a new flower for blooming Friday?

lareine said...

To everybody: Thanks for dropping by. I guess these will be our last flowers for the year. I'm looking forward to spring and seeing everybody's garden in bloom once again:)

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