Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring is Here

a ladybug ready for take off

It’s nice to feel the warmth of the sun after a harsh late winter. Our yellow star banishes the lingering chill of a freezing February. And comes with it is longer daylight hours which is a boon on sunny days.

a ladybug on a promenade

I think last month was the coldest winter I’ve experienced with barely 0°C as a maximum temperature. Even though it would had been nice to take some photos of Felix and the four other cats we took in playing in the snow (yes, our family now has four more additional “fur balls”), I didn’t dare go out unless necessary. As much as I regret not having souvenirs of them goofing on wintery white powder (especially as it was the two youngest cats first winter), I really didn’t have the courage to stay longer than needed outside (shame on cowardly me *sob*).

a ladybug on a dandelion

Anyway, that’s enough of winter thoughts (literally and figuratively). The sun is here albeit it could still be chilly in the morning. A lot of ladybirds which I have sheltered in our garden are out enjoying the arrival of the warm weather. Several flowers of common daisy and dandelion are now gaily dotting our lawn. And soon, tulips and cherry blossoms will complete the spring landscape *smile*.

a ladybug scaling a daffodil leaf

I just hope Mr. Jack Frost won’t make a little come back for one last curtain call. The cats and I are looking forward to stretching out under the sun, dozing off with the crooning of birds as lullabies. Well, here’s to the springing of spring *hippety hop hop*.

a ladybug on a common daisy