Thursday, February 14, 2008

Amor Supero Omnia

Côte de Granit Rose, Bretagne (Pink Granite Coast, Brittany), France

You were right.
I don’t know if life is greater than death.
But love was more than either.
-James Franco as Tristan in Tristan + Isolde (2006)

Without love, life is devoid of meaning, of purpose, of reason. Love amplifies everything. It intensifies pain but it also magnifies joy. One might say it is better to live without love than to feel misery and dejection. But, by loving, there’s always a chance of finding immense happiness and contentment. It’s a risk. But a risk worth-taking. One might feel utter agony when one dares to love… but because of this, you'll be capable of appreciating better the subtle colors and shades of bliss and contentment.

Mon amour, life and death are inconsequential in the face of our love. Ours is not perfect… one instant we are flying atop the clouds, then we sail in rough oceans the next. But I know, together we can overcome anything.

Amor supero omnia… Love surpasses everything...

(final part of my valentine's day entries)

Happy Valentine's Day!
Bonne Fete de St. Valentin!


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