Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fine End of May

common daisy blooms in our lawn

I think I jinxed having a fine weather for the past month and a half by talking how pleasant it was for the start of spring. After my last post, we’ve had chilly mornings, gusty wind, steady rain showers and even short episodes of hail storm which made for a bleak chilly season. It seems from early spring, we fast forwarded to late autumn.

blue May sky

So in those rare days that the sun deigned us with its glorious presence, we tried to make the most of it. It always feels good to feel the sunlight on one’s back and arms. However, the brisk wind made it impossible to don sleeveless shirts and shorts. So we just contented ourselves with the sun on our face and enjoy its warmth under jackets and pants.

Now, it seems that the good weather is back with a vengeance *smile*. The temperature is almost summer-like with cloudless blue sky. A light breeze cools our sun-kissed skin every now and then. It feels really good to be outside after a harsh late winter and a dreary wet autumnal episode for the past several weeks.

newly sprouted leaves

I’m crossing my fingers that this time the fair weather is here to stay *smiles hopefully*

spring sunset

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dulcet Days

yellow crocuses in our garden

I find it poetic that when warm season begins, one of the first flowers in our garden to bloom is these yellow crocuses. They are like little balls of sunshine that fell on the ground announcing the coming of pleasant days.

Although it can be still chilly in the morning, it’s nice to wake up with sunlight streaming through our windows. I don’t mind having to get up an hour earlier (now that we are on daylight saving time) as long as I have the sun to wake up to. A good dose of sunshine is a great way to start the day right.

an industrious (and early) bee collecting nectar

And seeing radiant blooms as you step outside would surely bring a spring in your steps (figuratively and literally). Soaking in the sun’s rays and being bathed in the mellow glow of these crocuses surely makes for an agreeable time spent in the garden.

I hope the good weather continues (as it could sometimes still be winter-like in April) and everyone is enjoying the arrival of warm, fine days.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring is Here

a ladybug ready for take off

It’s nice to feel the warmth of the sun after a harsh late winter. Our yellow star banishes the lingering chill of a freezing February. And comes with it is longer daylight hours which is a boon on sunny days.

a ladybug on a promenade

I think last month was the coldest winter I’ve experienced with barely 0°C as a maximum temperature. Even though it would had been nice to take some photos of Felix and the four other cats we took in playing in the snow (yes, our family now has four more additional “fur balls”), I didn’t dare go out unless necessary. As much as I regret not having souvenirs of them goofing on wintery white powder (especially as it was the two youngest cats first winter), I really didn’t have the courage to stay longer than needed outside (shame on cowardly me *sob*).

a ladybug on a dandelion

Anyway, that’s enough of winter thoughts (literally and figuratively). The sun is here albeit it could still be chilly in the morning. A lot of ladybirds which I have sheltered in our garden are out enjoying the arrival of the warm weather. Several flowers of common daisy and dandelion are now gaily dotting our lawn. And soon, tulips and cherry blossoms will complete the spring landscape *smile*.

a ladybug scaling a daffodil leaf

I just hope Mr. Jack Frost won’t make a little come back for one last curtain call. The cats and I are looking forward to stretching out under the sun, dozing off with the crooning of birds as lullabies. Well, here’s to the springing of spring *hippety hop hop*.

a ladybug on a common daisy

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Meow Year

so, what do have under the tree?

The just-concluded holiday season was Felix’s third with us *grin*. Ever the mischievous cat, he had a grand time with his favorite holiday toys – our Christmas tree and its balls. Being the mommarazzo that I am, of course, I took some photos of him doing his antics.

Felix: I'll get you!!!

It was more difficult to take his pictures this time as he moves out of camera range too fast. I think he’s getting tired of being followed by his relentless mommarazzo. Poor cat :(.

Felix: Which of them should I knock off first?

Well, I try to make it up to him by giving him a treat and lots and lots of cuddle after pestering him with my camera (bribing him sometimes work… and I mean SOMETIMES). I make it a point though not to push him to the limits of his patience. When I see him gets annoyed, it’s time to leave him play or goof around in peace.

Felix: I know I can do this!

Fortunately, he’s a good-natured cat, in general… except during his loony moments (which I observed to be more or less around a full moon). Well, I guess, like mommy, like Felix *wink*.

Cliff (above and below) during his Christmas with us

Always having Felix around is one of the best holiday gifts we could ever have… especially after losing Cliff. We just hope Cliff is enjoying the holidays season wherever he is.

Missing Cliff this holiday season * sad*

We fervently wish he found another family who loves and cares for him. Or if he prefers to be a “free” cat, we hope he has a safe, warm, dry place to sleep and rest and enough food to keep him healthy. We all miss him.

Felix and Cliff "talking" about the best strategy to knock off the balls from the tree

Well, here’s Felix wishing all of you a paw-licking, meow-y new year *purrrrr.*

Felix: This has been a lot of fun! *meow*

Felix! Oooops! Mom caught me goofing around!

Felix: Ok, ok, now for my "formal" shot! Have a purry-furry Dragon Year!