Friday, April 6, 2012

Dulcet Days

yellow crocuses in our garden

I find it poetic that when warm season begins, one of the first flowers in our garden to bloom is these yellow crocuses. They are like little balls of sunshine that fell on the ground announcing the coming of pleasant days.

Although it can be still chilly in the morning, it’s nice to wake up with sunlight streaming through our windows. I don’t mind having to get up an hour earlier (now that we are on daylight saving time) as long as I have the sun to wake up to. A good dose of sunshine is a great way to start the day right.

an industrious (and early) bee collecting nectar

And seeing radiant blooms as you step outside would surely bring a spring in your steps (figuratively and literally). Soaking in the sun’s rays and being bathed in the mellow glow of these crocuses surely makes for an agreeable time spent in the garden.

I hope the good weather continues (as it could sometimes still be winter-like in April) and everyone is enjoying the arrival of warm, fine days.