Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fine End of May

common daisy blooms in our lawn

I think I jinxed having a fine weather for the past month and a half by talking how pleasant it was for the start of spring. After my last post, we’ve had chilly mornings, gusty wind, steady rain showers and even short episodes of hail storm which made for a bleak chilly season. It seems from early spring, we fast forwarded to late autumn.

blue May sky

So in those rare days that the sun deigned us with its glorious presence, we tried to make the most of it. It always feels good to feel the sunlight on one’s back and arms. However, the brisk wind made it impossible to don sleeveless shirts and shorts. So we just contented ourselves with the sun on our face and enjoy its warmth under jackets and pants.

Now, it seems that the good weather is back with a vengeance *smile*. The temperature is almost summer-like with cloudless blue sky. A light breeze cools our sun-kissed skin every now and then. It feels really good to be outside after a harsh late winter and a dreary wet autumnal episode for the past several weeks.

newly sprouted leaves

I’m crossing my fingers that this time the fair weather is here to stay *smiles hopefully*

spring sunset