Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Missing Cliff

Cliff, our missing "baby"

It has been a month since Cliff went missing. And I miss him so much. We all miss him a lot. I just hope he’s in good health with a safe place to seek shelter in case of rain and cold wind (especially as it is getting cold here now), enough clean food and water to survive living alone outdoors.

Cliff with his elder brother, Felix

Whenever I look at his photos, a big part of me feels his loss. Of course they bring back good memories of him… but I couldn’t help feeling so sad that he’s not around anymore. And I particularly miss him at night as he loves to curl up beside me. Now we only have Felix snuggling and nuzzling as we sleep.

Cliff in our garden

I’m still clinging to the idea that he’ll come home to us although I know that as days pass, the chances of finding him is getting slimmer and slimmer. If we only knew he wouldn’t come back when he went out for his ramblings, we wouldn’t have let him out of the house that day.

Cliff and Felix grooming each other

In addition, I feel so guilty because that morning, I was so sleepy that I asked my husband to just give him some food.  I didn't give him the usual crooning and fussing he's so used to have.  I feel so bad because maybe he thought we don't love him anymore and so he run away *sob*. I blame myself for losing him, making it more difficult for me to accept the ideathat we might not see Cliff again *sniff* How I wish I could turn back time, at least to that particular day.

We miss you so much Cliff.

I really, really hope Cliff is doing alright. I don’t mind if he found another home as long as I know he’s happy and safe (although it would be a lot better if he would come back to us.) He would remain our “baby” wherever he is and we would always love him.