Friday, February 8, 2008

Comme Une Peinture Impressionniste

one of the boat stations in Bruges, Belgium

On our way to take a boat ride in the canals of Bruges, I found myself charmed by this boat station. It reminded me of impressionist paintings at musée d’Orsay. I admire the way these paintings capture the essence of moments, may it be of nature or of day-to-day scenes. They speak to me --- tell me how the day was or how the shadows dance… talk to me about the sea, the sky, the girl walking in the field… whisper how the breeze brush against your cheek and make the flowers sway…

Impressionist paintings fascinate me for I believe them to be a celebration of light and colors...of nature... of life. They awaken feelings of nostalgia as time and seasons pass, of exhilaration at the rising and setting of the sun, of tranquility of a quite afternoon, of movement and spontaneity of people, of fear and excitement at the ambivalence of the sea, of joy at feeling the sun on your face or the grass under your feet…


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