Friday, February 1, 2008

Entre Ciel et Mer

view of the sea from Pandan Island, Philippines

how do we distinguish the sky from the sea?... are they really seamlessly woven together or is the continuity just a trick of the eye?... where is the end of one and the beginning of the other?... are we supposed to set sail on a journey, only to find out the horizon is an elusive thing... there's always another one far ahead... that looking for that seam binding the sea and the sky is an effort in vain because it is supposed to be found in the horizon that is always beyond our reach...

but why focus on finding the end and the beginning of this seeming continuity?... there's a whole gamut of emotions, events, people in between... there is you.... there is me... and if we find ourselves embarking on a quest for answers, maybe we can find more of them in the journey itself than upon reaching the intended goal... maybe by taking into account everything around us as we sail, we'll have moments of clarity about who we are... our place in this world... our own sea and sky...


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