Friday, February 29, 2008

Spring flowers, Gods and Men

our indoor hyacinth

[..]and from his blood I have caused a flower to spring up,
sweetest, fairest of flowers, inscribed with letters of woe[...]

-from Hyakinthos article of Theoi Greek Mythology
(Lucian, Dialogues of the Gods, 16)

It seems that the weather is back to being dull and gray with occasional rain showers. Between that and a throbbing toothache (I’m having another wisdom tooth. And I’m already way beyond “young” to have them), I feel so cranky. It’s a good thing that some flowers grow indoors . They cheer me up when I feel like tearing my hair off their roots. Like our pink-colored hyacinth.

I’m really glad it is one of those bulbs /plants that doesn’t need much light to grow. Even with this dismal weather it doesn’t fail to give you flowers. And hyacinths come in different colors--- blue, red, white, pink. You can even have them in orange, violet and yellow. I love their sweet, subtle scent. Plus, the flowers look really adorable --- like star-shaped bells, albeit with 6 petals, not 5.

There’s an interesting legend about them. They’re supposed to have been borne from the spilt blood of Hyakinthos, a young man well-loved by Apollo. Apparently, another god, Zephyrus, was also in-love with the mortal boy. But since Hyakinthos preferred the sun god over the latter, the wind god Zephyrus got envious. So, when Apollo and Hyakinthos were playing the ancient Greek version of Frisbee, the jealous wind god blew on the discus, causing it to hit and kill Hyakinthos. And Apollo, in his grief turned the boy's spilt blood into a flower (source: wikipedia).

It’s funny though that two beautiful spring flowers were named after young handsome men--- Hyakinthos (hyacinth) and Narcissus (narcissus, more commonly known as daffodil). I wonder what it says about men and women.More about men for, that matter. Well, I wouldn’t delve into that right now. Maybe, next time :)...

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lareine said...

thank you shen for taking the time to visit and leaving a note. i'm also looking forward to more of your pictures.

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Awww! Those flowers are beautiful!!! I knew about Narcissus but not about Hyakinthos... Thanks for sharing :)

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thanks christoff. it feels good to know someone appreciates my site. you've got a thought-provoking blog.

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hello nussaibah... thanks for the compliment... i never knew about hyakinthos too, not until i did this entry.. i guess that's one good thing about blogging --- learning new things :)

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Mas que site bonito você tem ! Tem tudo o que é necessário. Além disso trata de temas suaves. É um oásis no deserto que se vê para aí. Continue!

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Olá Jose!

Muito obrigado por essa maravilhosa elogio. Seu comentário dá-me a vontade ea energia para continuar a melhorar o meu blog --- especialmente sobre as minhas tópicos. Mais uma vez, muito obrigado pela visita e pela sua amável observação.

I hope my Portugueseis ok :) Thank you very much.

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