Friday, March 7, 2008

Are You in the Loop?

Max Guevara of Dark Angel played by Jessica Alba is supposed to have feline DNA

After having seen the entire first season of Dark Angel, I realized how behind I was when it comes to the young generation’s lingo. Maybe because I’m not really fond of watching teen-age shows (I couldn’t even name one! Well, I can think of MTV, but I don’t know if it’s still popular now as it was before). Maybe because I haven’t seen that many “English” programs on TV (most of them are translated/dubbed).Or simply because I’m too old… okay let’s paraphrase that (it sounds a bit harsh, even to my ears). Let’s just say, I haven't been in the loop about the 21st century youth's world for some time now :).

So, what am I trying to point out here? Well, after watching Jessica Alba do some “crouching tiger, hidden dragon” moves, I learned some really hip phrases. I tried translating them to “standard” English: if I’m wrong, please excuse me for my rusty “techno-generation” vocabulary. If you find this so passé, just humor me (I’m still a bit hyped-up about it).

What’s the dileo? = What’s up?/ What’s the problem?
The dileo of X is… = The purpose/intent/objective of X is…

Kick in/it:
Is he kicking in with someone else? = Is he seeing/ in-love with someone else?
I like kicking in with my Y. = I’m having fun with my Y.
Can you kick it in? = Can you make it?

This is whack. = This is crazy.

You hit me back. = You called/paged/"texted/SMSed" me.

What’s up booo = friend, girl, man, brother, sister, etc. (Now I know with “my booo” in songs is not a typo error of “my beau”)

Is this your crew? = Are they your friends?

Things went sideways. = Things went wrong.

If Y moves X’s furniture, who are we to judge? = If Y is the “one” for X/ If Y makes X happy... = if X wants to be with Y...

You got some guns on you. = You got some strength.

She’s in the wind. = She knows about it.

Can I crash in at your crib? = Can I stay at your place?

Well, that’s all I can remember from the series. If you don’t agree with my interpretation, you are welcome to give your own. Bip, bip, bip. Got to blaze. I hope everybody gets to chill out this weekend. Ciao!


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