Friday, March 14, 2008

The Girl from Senobium

In planet Senobium of the Brenogal galaxy, there lived a girl who wondered about the sky: Why is it blue? Can I reach the end of it or is it infinite? Are those clouds as soft as cotton? Can I play on top of these clouds like the Carebears I see on that box with a cathode ray tube? Are there winged creatures up there? So many questions, but she had no answers. What she had were just vague notions. But she knew they were not enough. Hence, she embarked on a journey for explanations.

She found her answers in planet Scientia. And to add more to her delight, she found a part of herself in her odyssey. She realized she enjoys the process of proving hypothesis and scrutinizing phenomena. The logic, the analysis, the thrill of arriving at a conclusion after careful examination … it was quite exhilarating. There was always this fear of failing, of being confronted with obstacles, of coming to a dead end. But her longing for responses to all her questions is an irrepressible force. It is enough to overcome all apprehensions.

In the adventure of immersing herself in the world of theories and discoveries, she realized that there’s another way of revealing the beauty of nature. She found planet Humanitiesimus: it's a different world, yet not entirely contrary to the former. In fact, she perceived them as complementary: like Mars and Venus, man and woman. Moreover, words, images, facial and body articulations… they provide not only an outlet for one’s sentiments and feelings but also as a way of reaching out to others. They are forms of communication… a beacon of our need to reach out and be part of something more than our selves. Poems are not just meters and rhymes but a mine of emotional and psychological consciousness. Novels and stories are not only about narrative styles and plots but also an expression of one’s thoughts and imagination. And when they move you, you cry and recognize that crying is not just the result of lachrymal glands doing its function, but a sign of one’s emotional state. When you hear music, your body moves with the sound and acknowledges that dancing is not only the contraction and relaxation of muscles but an articulation of being in harmony with the sound we hear.

And every night before this girl sleeps, she wishes upon the stars and comets to understand more the mysteries of the cosmos for she knows what she have is infinitesimal compared to its vastness… like a tiny speck of dust in the great ocean of knowledge. There are more to discover, to explore, to learn… and that she’ll never be able to fully grasp the meaning of everything around her. However, she will still dance for joy of recognizing them if not to fully comprehend them... sing praises to the Primum Movens for without it, there's nothing... continue to seek and discern what she is allowed to find and understand… And maybe, just maybe, she will find an answer to her greatest question: her place in this universe.

There goes your tag Bogie (8 random facts about me) and Rojoy (the “I” tag). I tried answering them at the same time and I came up with this. I hope you don’t mind my changing the rules a little bit.


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