Saturday, March 15, 2008

In Fieri

forsythia in our garden

With spring officially just around the corner, forsythias are in bloom. They usually start to give flowers in February or March: marking the end of nippy, biting weather although sudden shoots in temperature are still likely.But at least, the worst of the chilly, gloomy winter has passed.

I like this plant for they can withstand below zero temperature and adverse weather; and still continue to thrive and give flowers the next season. I find it as a symbol of hope: that no matter how cold and dark the circumstance is, there is always enough strength within us to make it through. That we may be weathered and beaten, but as long as we hold on, we can still emerge from our desolation and shine.

The flowers are like a burst of sunshine in the otherwise barren, bleak, seemingly lifeless landscape. I like their gay, bright, warm color: it’s so full of cheerfulness, of exuberance, of promise. It’s like we are on the brink of something wonderful… giddily waiting for the next thing as we witness flowers start to flaunt their beauty…when we hear a child’s carefree laughter in the park… the moment we look into our loved one’s eyes…


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