Saturday, March 1, 2008

Taking A Moment

A goéland (seagull) in Île de Brehat, Brittany France

In this world where everything seems to be slipping through our hands too quickly, where many are trying to get ahead in life in the fastest and easiest way possible, we tend to forget what is really important to us...what makes us get up in the morning and get through the day... what enables us to look straight in people's eyes or more importantly, what allows us to look at our own reflection.

We become trapped in material things, fame and glitz; sometimes unknowingly, other times consciously because the world seems to revolve around who has the most. You get the feeling that world's dictum "Move, reach and take things, as fast you can, or be left behind."

But it’s worthwhile to be still for just a moment, get our bearings and re-evaluate what we want. After all, we are not only defined but what we have, but even more by what we have become. Maybe, we are so caught up in winning the course that we barely know what we are running for. Nothing is more tragic than making it to the finish line only to realize we are in the wrong race.


-Wendy- said...

you take beautiful pictures gurl! keep it up =)

lareine said...

thank you wendy for such a wonderful comment... i'm glad you appreciate them :)

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