Sunday, July 13, 2008

One of My Favorite Things

No more classes, no more books, no more teachers, dirty looks!
Summertime… Summertime…

- Bugs Bunny in Bugs Bunny’s Bustin’ Out All Over (1980)(TV)

During my younger years (and even up to now) whenever I think of summer, I cannot help but remember the above lines of Bugs Bunny. As a kid, I was even tempted to do a cartwheel while reciting it. For most of us, especially for young people, summertime means vacation. Maybe not vacation as in going to far-away places with white sand beach and inviting blue sea, but at least a break from the usual routine. You can stay-up late because you can wake up late *giggles*, no need to rush from one task to another (or one place to another), and have the time to do things you don’t usually have time for during a normal working (or school) day --- like reading *grins*.

Well, July did not start well here. It was rainy half of the time, gray and windy for the rest. We did have some burst of sunshine only to be easily dissipated by the fast moving ominous dark clouds which usually brings rain. But it wasn’t that bad, because first, I had a respite from my pollen allergy (its very uncomfortable sneezing every few seconds and a runny nose to boot). And second, I was able to do one of my favorite activities --- reading *wide grin*. So far, I’m into Robert Ludlum novels these days. I believe one of the best ways to spend a rainy afternoon is to be snug in your easy chair or bed (or in whatever comfortable and cozy place/position, for that matter) with a book in hand while listening to the pitter-patter of the rain *sigh*. And maybe, with some cookies within reach as it sometimes difficult to stop reading, especially when the plot becomes thicker and more and more complex.

Reading is a pleasure for me, but since I find it hard not to finish the story in one sitting, it can “interfere” with my daily chores… or rather my household tasks hampers my reading *giggles*. Good thing we have summer. Everybody and everything seems to relax a bit, and there’s a silent agreement about having a lull from the mad rush of everyday life. In other words, we are given a moment to laze around, even for just a little while. And I can spend some time reading novels. For those who are wondering what Ludlum book I’ve burrowed my nose into, they are The Scarletti Inheritance, The Road to Gandolfo, The Aquitaine Progression, The Bourne Trilogy (and if asked which I like more, the movies or the books, I’d say both are quite engrossing in their own ways and deserve to be viewed/read based on their own merits) and three Covert-One series written by other authors but are said to be based on Ludlum’s unpublished notes --- The Hades Factor, The Cassandra Compact and The Paris Option.

Well, it seems that our spell of wet, gloomy weather has passed. The sun has resumed its place in the sky since this morning --- which is good, for tomorrow is the National Day here and it would be very disappointing to see the fireworks display and other sky exhibitions with rain pouring down. And I guess, it’s also time to set aside my reading now and resume my usual routine. Oh, it doesn’t mean I would totally stop reading… it’s just that I will refrain now from spending most of my time in the worlds created by novelists. With a forecast of sunny days ahead, it would be nice to spend some time outdoors. Better take advantage of dry, warm weather because soon, it’s going to be cold again and I’ll be cooped up, wrapped in layers cloth *grins*.


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