Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday in an Abbey

The Abbey of Saint Marie in Souillac, Lot department, France

Souillac is a town in the Lot department, a few kilometers from the border separating Lot and Dordogne (also known by its old name, Perigord). Due to its location, Souillac is a practical base for visiting Perigord noir (Black Perigord --- one of the four areas of Dordogne), the Causses (limestone plateaus) of Gramat and Martle in the Quercy region (of which Lot department is a part), and of course the beautiful Dordogne Valley with its medieval towns and castles dotting the cliffs overlooking the river Dordogne.

The town has a 12th century abbey, that of Saint Marie with a Byzantine-inspired fa├žade. From the church square, one has a vantage point in viewing the pentagonal apsidioles (small apses connected to the transept) and its narrow arched windows. It was so peaceful here when we visited (maybe because it was a Sunday and it wasn’t yet the tourist season) --- in the square, all you can hear is the cooing of pigeons and the occasional rustling of leaves as a soft breeze pass as you admire these wonderful architectural legacy. I believe time, rather than diminishing its humbling effect on men, has heightened the sensation --- for the abbey has withstood and continues to withstand the vagaries of the centuries.


Anonymous said...

Hi lareine, how are you doing? :p I was going to go directly on your last post when my eyes struck this one and simply had to come over :p I really found it beautiful, especially, the 2nd pic :) And know what, we also have a place called Souillac here ^.^ Though it doesn't have such a beautiful abbey :)

Thanks for dropping by at my blog :) I forgot to tell you, it's winter here. I believe you're in France or somewhere near? So, it's summer there. I'm in the southern hemisphere =) I can't tell you how I'd have wanted to be in summer though. It's cold and raining all the time here T_T

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

Lareine! =)

thanks for the visits. Nigel is developing normally =)

These are nice pictures. I love old churches. see you around!

lareine said...

to nussaibah: please excuse me for forgetting you're in the southern hemisphere... when i think of islands, the images that pop in my mind are white sandy beaches, clear blue sea and sun all year round... just charge it to my age and thinking of summer :)...

souillac there might not have a beautiful abbey but i heard there's this very high cliff near giving you a great panorama of the sea:)...

to wendy: hey! it's good to hear from you again... and i'm glad everything's fine with you and nigel... i hope it stays that way until the end of your term :)

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