Sunday, January 18, 2009

And Then There Was One

citronella-scented pelargonium that I'm hoping to grow

Do you remember my favorite pelargonium? The two remaining cuttings I have of it now lay brown and shriveled. They did not survive winter *sad sigh*. I was actually expecting them to make it through the cold season because they actually sprouted new leaves and stems for the past several months since I planted them. I kept them inside the house knowing that they wouldn’t be able to withstand the freezing temperature outside. Until about a week or two ago, they were doing okay. But then the leaves and stems started to droop. I thought the soil must have dried up. So I watered them. However, it did not do them any good. They just sort of withered away *sad face.* Maybe it’s because I changed their location (I thought they were not getting enough sunlight so I put them by the window). Or it’s just that my gardening skills are still limited to easy-to-care-winter-tolerant plants. Oh well, I can always try again next year, right?

flowers of my favorite pelargonium

I feel sad but I am not fully dispirited. I still have one cutting of the scented-leaf type. I had several cuttings of it last year, just like my preferred pelargonium. However, with my brown thumb, I have only remaining. But it is still good news because until now, it still remains healthy. I just really hope it won’t die on me. It would be the last one from the cuttings last year and I really would like to grow one. I grew garden pelargonium (Pelargonium x hortorum) about two or three years ago from seeds. But they also did not survive winter.

So I’m putting my hopes to this sole cutting I have. Its flowers’ color and appearance are close to my favorite pelargonium. However the hues are darker, and what’s more the leaves smell like citronella grass. I like its tangy, crisp fragrance --- it surrounds you with a feeling of freshness, not only physically but also emotionally. Its scent invigorates the mind and the spirit, like a sudden rain shower drenching our heated body on a humid afternoon. Or being under the rush of waterfalls, feeling the rivulets of water dripping down our back. Or taking dip on a cool pond with the ripples glistening with the sun’s rays.

Well, I really hope this cutting survives. But if it doesn’t, then I’ll try again next year, and the year after that and the year after that. *smiles.* Who knows, I’ll be able to grow one successfully in the coming years of trial and error.


lisaschaos said...

I don't think I've ever seen flowers like those. They're so pretty! I love their little tongues sticking out. :)

lareine said...

lisa, my in-laws have a wide collection of pelargoniums and geraniums... and this is one of them... they're really lovely, that's why i'll keep on trying to grow at least one :)

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