Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pink Nose, the Snowman

my lovable snowman, Mr. Pink Nose

The past week is considered to be the coldest winter week. It even snowed in the southeastern part of France, which is a rare event. In our area, the temperature was below zero for almost a week. But we had a good dose of sunshine. I can tolerate cold winter as long as there’s some sun. Even if I cannot go out to do some gardening, at least the brightness cheers me up. It is so depressing when it’s cold and gray. (Well, even if we don’t have a freezing temperature, a drab day can really make me feel down.)

snowman, what round eyes you have!... what cute nose you have!... what a big smile you have!...

Because of the negative temperature, the snow here stayed for almost a week. It’s delightful to see everything covered in white with the sun’s rays lending them a golden glow. The sun’s warmth is not sufficient to thaw the snow but it surely did lift the “heaviness” of the winter atmosphere. And it is more than enough to beckon me to go out, gather the fallen flakes and make a snowman *grins.*

now, see my right profile

I don’t know how others do it, but I cannot seem to make snow balls big enough to be used for the head and body of my bonhomme de neige (snowman). All I can come up with was a big mound of snow --- good if you’re trying to make a mountain or an ant hill, but it was far from looking like a decent snowman. So what I did was to flatten the top part, create a dent on the mid-part of the mound to act as a neck and put the “eyes,” “nose,” “mouth” and the indispensable scarf and bonnet. And voila! There’s my smiling Mr. Pink Nose *grins.*

i'm ready for my close up shot!

It’s not exactly Frosty the Snowman, but I’m quite happy with it (and see that smile? he appears to feel the same way about me *giggles*). I just hope that by next time I’ll learn to make a real one --- huge snow balls one on top of the other, a carrot nose and stick hands. For the mean time, I'll content my self with Mr. Pink Nose who seems to love the camera (and the camera loves him back) *smiles.*


lisaschaos said...

I love your snowman! I keep trying to get my crew to help me make one but so far no such luck. :( I absolutely love yours! Even the cute little pink nose. :)

lareine said...

lisa, i hope before the winter is through, you'll be able to convince them to make one... even just for posterity's sake:)... i think the pink nose made my snowman look like a snowwoman:)...

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