Saturday, February 14, 2009

Amor Est Vitae Essentia

I think you have found love
when you find not only happiness in his arms but also peace and solace;
when you are willing to go an extra mile or two just to see her smile;
when you let your guard down yet feel safe and protected;
when you give a part of your self and still remain whole.

As Robert B. Mackay said, Amor est vitae essentia ... love is the essence of life.
So I hope we all find love one way or another, in one form or another.
Happy Valentine's Day!


Jaden Paige said...

Beautiful photo, and wonderful quotes to match!

I'm so sorry it took me so long to come visit... You commented on my poetry blog last month and since I didn't have comment moderation on (doh!) and hadn't posted since then, I didn't even realize it until this morning!!

So thank you for stopping by, I promise next time I will be around to reply! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo =) Everybody is destined to have love in their life ^^ Happy Valentine's Day to you too, though I may be a week late ^^ Take care lareine =)

lareine said...

to jaiden: it's ok:)... i'm sometimes late too in my replies... by the way, your entry inspired me to write about the "different me" now... and i thank you, not only for the inspiration but also making me feel i'm not alone in this sentiment...

to nussaibah: belated happy valentine's day to you too... and i should really try to visit you again and read those wonderful posts of yours... i just have to get some things straight on my part here, and then i'll "see" you on your site:)... you take care, too:)

lisaschaos said...

That whole phrase would be great on a card! Lovely delicate roses!

lareine said...

that's very flattering lisa... thank you very much!... i'm a hallmark greeting and blue mountain arts cards fan, so i guess (and i hope) the authors' talents rub on me...

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