Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Spell-binding Five

I would like to express my gratitude to Molly and Andy of The Bumbles for this heart-warming award. It is really nice to be appreciated, even if half of the times, my posts may come across as too melodramatic (even cheesy) or boring at times. But I’m not a great conversationalists, so I guess that shows in my blog *smiles.*

In any case, thank you Molly and Andy for thinking of me (well, at least, of my blog *grins*). I’m sorry it took me sometime to post this because in addition to the award, I’m supposed to write down five things I’m addicted to. Well, that’s not easy as I have to trim down to five my eccentricities. Besides, sometimes, when you’re so used to something (or doing something), you don’t see it as an “addiction” anymore. Well, here goes my answer:

1. Gardening --- I’m not outside 365 days a year as I cannot stand the cold weather (and I don’t think I will). And I fail half of the time (even more) in my attempts to grow plants. But I still do it (as long as I don’t get overwhelmed with what I’m still supposed to do in the garden --- which happens a lot of times *giggles*). I even like browsing through plant and seeds catalogue sand stores even though I don’t have any intention of buying (sometimes they are quite expensive or hard to grow for beginners, and having them won’t be a good idea as they would just die on me. And then I would just feel bad).

2. Hot chocolate drink in the morning --- If some people cannot begin their day without a cup of steaming coffee, well, mine won’t start right without my morning fix of hot choco. Cocoa is good for the body. But eating too much chocolate is not.

3. Historical romances --- They don’t have to be “classics” as long as they are set between ancient times and the 19th century. And it would be better if the characters are from the Middle Ages with chivalric albeit arrogant knights and strong-willed-yet-loving women (with or without a title and wealth, as long as they have a brain). And no, I don’t want my damsels to be always in distress and helpless, just waiting for somebody to save them.

4. Suspense/thriller novels and films --- Labyrinthine plots with a lot of mystery and dark secrets are my cup of tea. Just not too much gore, please.

5. TV series that won’t let you stay put on your seat with loads of ingenious actions and ideas and a little bit of the paranormal like X-files, Millennium, 24 hours, Supernatural, Lost and the likes. So no Desperate Housewives, Friends, Sex and the City, etc. for me *apologetic grin.*

So there you go. I know I’m supposed to pass the award and the meme to five people, but for the moment, I’d like to give this to Maya. She needs something to keep her mind busy. And since thinking and actually writing your addictions is not as easy as 1-2-3, I think this would do the trick :)


Anonymous said...

I posted in here but I have no idea where the comment landed O.o

Congrats on the award =) You deserve it. And I can't believe how much we have in common. Except from the gardening, these would figure in my top 5 addiction as well xD

The Bumbles said...

Well you are welcome my dear! Wonderful list - I think we would get along just fine in the real world - except for the gardening bit - my mom always tells me how much fun it is. Whenever I try my brown thumb at it it just seems like an awful lot of hard work! I enjoy looking at the results but would rather be at a ball game. I haven't read it yet but it sounds like "Outlander" would be a book right up your alley.

lareine said...

to nussaibah: well, maybe there are still some mystery we are yet to discover in posting comments *winks*... don't worry, it happens to me, too...

it's funny to "meet strangers" and find out we have more in common with them than some of the people we grew up with :)... well, life never ceases to surprise us with its unexpected turns and weird coincidences :)...

to the bumbles: well, not many people are into gardening:)... and besides, maybe because i really don't go out that much, so i turn to plants for company:)... and thanks for the title of the book...i would love to visit scotland one of these days :)...

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