Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Down The Rabbit Hole

a short flight of wooden stairs along the trail of Gol ravine (Tevelave, La Réunion, France)

So where do I start with my stories about our holidays? Well, I guess the question is more about sharing photos rather than an account of what we did. But, of course, the pictures would be more appealing if accompanied by short anecdotes or captions. Well, I’ll try my best to at least give a short description and I’ll let the photos do the rest. I just hope they give justice to the beauty of the places we’ve seen.

young frond of a tree fern (called fanjan of the family Cyatheaceae)

I’ll begin with photos taken during our first short hike. It was in the Tevelave forest that extends from around 1500m to 2000m above sea level in the western part of La Réunion. There are many hiking trails in the area but we chose the trail of Gol ravine (sentier de la ravine du Gol) which leads to a view point of the village of Les Makes.

lichens growing on trees

One of the main floras in Tevelave is the tamarind trees. They are quite adapted to many of the forest areas here as they can survive cyclones and fire (which could happen when Piton la Fournaise, the active volcano of the island, erupts). Their survival is due to tamarind seeds capacity to germinate even after a long period of time and the flexibility of its limbs that prevents the trees from being uprooted / broken by strong wind and cyclones. Then, of course, there other curious-looking plants (and animals) endemic to the island that makes the area quite interesting for animal and plant lovers alike.

as the mist covers the forest

It was a wonderful hike as it was rendered cool by the towering trees that seem to form a natural arch, protecting one from the harsh sunrays. And because of its altitude, it is periodically covered in mist which brings an eerie atmosphere to the already mystical forest. I was thinking it won’t come as a surprise if one sees small winged fairies or elves peeping out from the thick foliage. And that would make the hike even more enchanting *winks.*


lisaschaos said...

These are magnificent!! I feel like I was there and wish I was! Those stairs, that path the plants! Heaven!

Nussaibah said...

I simply couldn't resist this one, it's so beautiful. I wound want to go to some place like this someday just to see its beauty with my own eyes.

lareine said...

to lisa and nussaibah: the place is really enchanting... especially with the mist hovering in the horizon... i feel like i'm one of those ladies in medieval romances lost in a forest and my knight would appear from the mist...

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