Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Heat Is On

coconut trees on the beach of Grand Anse, La Réunion, France

Summer is here! And whenever I think of it, I imagine coconut/palm trees, white sandy beach and of course, an azure blue sea with the foam tickling my feet. I crave the feeling of the warm sunbeams on my face and back. And I don’t mind if the air seems still, unless the sun is really, really hot. Still, I prefer the cooling effect of water on the back of my neck than a passing cold draft. But then, maybe if the air seemed heavy and humid with a sizzling hot sun, I’ll opt for a fresh mountain breeze.

Well, it maybe summer here in the northern hemisphere, but it is the cold season below the equator. And in the island of La Réunion, winter mornings can be a bit nippy, especially in the mountains, but is a good period to do hikes as the rainy season is over. Well, there would still be the occasional rain showers in some areas as there are many microclimates in the island (we actually hiked under a heavy rain on one or two occasions), but in general, it is great time to discover where the trails lead to.

And the temperature by mid-morning there is actually like summer in our area here (actually, it feels a lot warmer if you add the humidity factor), so even if it’s winter in La reunion, I actually felt like I’m having summer holidays… especially with the lush mountains, the rushing blue sea and the balmy weather *winks*.

the strong waves can take your breath away, literally and figuratively *winks*

And speaking of weather, I hope the summer temperature here would hold up for the whole duration of the season. For the past few years, our summer was usually cut short by the early coming of the cold wet November-like weather. Maybe this time, it's going to be different *cross fingers*.


lisaschaos said...

I love the palm shadows on the beach!! You have a beautiful spot to enjoy!

lareine said...

to lisa: the place is quite exhilarating, especially with the big waves rushing to the shore... and i'm also happy that the shot i took of the palm tree shadows on the beach turned out fine:)...

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