Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crossing Fingers

 a garden rose bathed in late afternoon sunlight conveying an image of hope

We received two different phone calls a few days ago about Cliff. The callers saw our cat in a farm field about a kilometre or two away from our home. Since the first call, we have been concentrating our search in that area… but to no avail *sad*

Cliff in hunting "mode" in our garden

But at least we know that Cliff is well and unhurt. We are afraid he got trapped somewhere and couldn’t get out (with no food and water)… or worse, got injured and hiding in a corner of a place unknown to him, alone, hungry and hurting. Knowing he’s okay is already a big relief for us even though we still haven’t found him.

a white Dog rose (Rosa canina)

A number of people in the neighbourhood (where Cliff was last seen) own cats. This means Cliff can always find food in the nearby houses when he gets hungry. There are also barns and sheds where he can take shelter when it rains and sleep when he gets tired. But, of course, it would a lot better for him and for us if we can find and take him home.

Cliff sleeping in my arms

There are around three cats that resemble Cliff in that neighbourhood. Although this could mean that they could have been the cats that the callers saw, still, my husband said they must know these cats (as they live in that neighbourhood). Besides, they must have believed it was Cliff they saw, or else, they wouldn’t make the effort of informing us about our cat’s whereabouts.

a pink Dog rose in morning sunlight, another image of hope

I just wish we would find Cliff… or Cliff finds his way back to us. We all miss him, especially when it’s time for his meals and naps and he would usually go home bouncing on his paws, ready for a cuddle before he eats or sleeps. I miss his purring, his paws kneading my side or arms as he cuddles and sleep next to me. I hope he’s safe and sound wherever he is. I hope he’s not too scared and confused in a strange place. And I earnestly hope to wake up with him waiting outside our door.

photo of Cliff we used for the "missing cat" flyers

We love and miss you so much, Cliff.


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