Friday, March 14, 2008

Waiting for Summer

Clivia, more commonly known as Bush Lily

They say patience is a virtue. Looking at this clivia, I say this is true. It takes years for this plant to give flowers, but once it does, you will be rewarded by such beauty. The vivid contrast of the orange flowers and the green, glossy leaves restores one’s spirit. It makes me think of a lush tropical forest, the chirping of birds overhead, the bright-colored wild flowers here and there…. And upon reaching a clearing, there is a spectacular waterfalls --- you can hear, see and feel the water gushing and tumbling down into a series of cascades, forming a pool of cool, clear water and a stream winding its way through the crooks and crannies of rocks and earth. How wonderful it must be to bathe in that natural pool after a trek in the forest!

As you continue to get lost in the charm of this delightful plant with its crown of trumpet-shaped flowers, you are invited to step into the glassy blue lagoon and make your way towards the base of the falls. The lulling, comforting color of the clivia’s leaves is like feeling the cool, soothing water lapping around your body. The powdery yellow pollen of the flower is akin to the riverbed sand tickling your feet. The vibrant color of its petals matches that of the sun as you bask in its warmth. Running your fingers on its smooth petals and leaves is like being under the water cascade, with streams of water gliding down your body.

Ahhhh, patience is really virtue. One must wait until winter is over, for spring to change into summer. And then, I can savor the color and feel of sunny days. I don’t need to go to exotic, far-away places. Just to have a cloudless blue sky, to feel the sun on my skin, to smell freshly-mowed grass is already bliss for me. But for now, I just have to content myself with looking at this plant and letting my imagination bring me to that warm, bright place.


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