Thursday, December 17, 2009

Silver White Winter

snow on our conifers

We had our first snow this winter today. As I suspected, our winter is a lot colder than usual : according to meteorologists, the temperature we’re having is way below the average for this season. We had a quite a warm, sunny and relatively long summer, so I assumed that winter will be really biting. The maximum temperature is around 0°C for several days now and is expected to continue that way for sometime.

Felix's "pawtrail" in the snow

Well, it might not be that cold compared to other areas, but the sudden drop from around 10°C (last Friday) to 0°C (last Saturday) can be quite a shock to one’s system, especially for someone who prefers warmer weather like me.

However cold winter might be, snow makes it less gloomy. In fact, it gives winter a romantic appeal, like what you see in Christmas cards or movies, with snowflakes falling and ponds and lakes turned into a natural skating rink. It would have been better if the sky is clear and with some sun. Well, one can’t have everything. Besides, I'd rather have snow than the depressing November rain.

Felix paw prints on our porch

But Felix (our cat) doesn’t seem to like winter that much, too. Usually, he spends a lot of time outdoors, except when it’s raining. However, I think today’s snow and below zero degree temperature was also a drastic change for him. When he had to make his rounds, he was only out for about 30 minutes at the most, then would come back to sleep on our sofa or bed.

And so that I can have photos of him for his first winter and first snow (for posterity's sake), I have to time it when he makes his tours. But he wasn’t that cooperative since all he wants to do is to make the trip and go back to the relative warmth of our house. But maybe he’ll get used to it in the coming days. As for now, he finds it more fun to play with Christmas balls and garlands by knocking them off our tree.

I think Felix is thinking "brrrr... I'd like to get this trip over with and go back inside"

Well, I just hope this winter wouldn’t be a long one. Having snow is great. But the cold weather and having to put layers of clothes before going out is another story. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind the temperature that much if there would be some sun to make the snow glisten like fine crystal powders *smiles*.

a warm fire on a snowy winter day


lisaschaos said...

I love Felix and his paw prints! How fun exploring with him! I hate the really cold temps like that, I don't mind the snow, just the really cold. You got some beautiful shots! Thanx for the warm fire!

lareine said...

Thanks Lisa! Except for the freezing temperature, I would love a snowy winter every year!

sweet bay said...

I love the trail of pawprints through the snow. Felix does look a bit alarmed -- he looks like he's thinking "What happened? What is this?" lol

lareine said...

Sweet Bay, hahaha, I think you're right! It's all new to him and I think he was a bit confused. But now, he's getting the hang of it (I think :)).

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