Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays

On this wonderful season, may we all be surrounded with love and joy from our loved ones.
Have a lovely Christmas and a great New Year ahead!!!


sweetbay said...

Merry Christmas to you too!

Maria Berg said...

Once again, it's Christmas -
that delightful time of year
When hearts are filled with gratitude
and homes are bright with cheer.

When everyone's remembering
good friends and loved ones too -
So naturally, the warmest thoughts
and wishes go to you.

May your home be filled
with happiness,
your hearts with love,
your days with joy -
at Christmas and always.

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful holiday,

With love,
Maria Berg, Sweden

Ps. Fun with the cat playing with the Christmas tree.

Martha said...

Beautiful. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Thanks for stopping by on Wednesday, I am just now getting caught up on commenting!

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Unknown said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! What a pretty shot!

Autumn Belle said...

Wishing you a Very Happy New Year 2010! May all your dreams come true.

Andrei Alba said...

hope to read more from you.

happy new year!

Will said...

That is a real nice photo, Lareine. Happy 2010 to you too!

Nussaibah said...

Happy New Year Lareine. =) Hope 2010 brings you lots of happiness :)

lareine said...

To everybody: I wish you all good health and all the best this 2010. And thank you for your wishes, too.

Sharodindu said...

Lovely shot!

Happy new year to you all of your family members :)

lareine said...

To Sharodindu: Better late than never! Thank you and I hope you and your family are having a great year!

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