Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring is "Touch and Go"

Silver white winter that melts into spring... – a line from a song in The Sound of Music

Spring came early this year. Oh, it’s still cold in the morning (we sometimes have below zero temperatures) but the day was clear and sunny for around two weeks before the official spring season. So, after a snowy freezing winter, we were more than happy to see and feel the warmth of the sun. It was even around 18°C during the hottest part of the day --- quite pleasant to be outside . So we took the opportunity to do some gardening and spring cleaning (and hence, I haven’t done much “written” updates here). It’s nice even to be just outside the house literally and feel the sun on your back after days of being cooped up inside to stay warm.

But it seems that spring knocked on our door and then suddenly left when we opened the door to let it in. There were days when it was rainy, or the sky is covered for most of the day. Plus, a chilling wind that swiftly sweeps away whatever warmth the sun brought during the intermittent periods that the clouds dispersed. But at least it didn’t snow or frost. I have sown seeds in the past weeks, some of them directly on our flower and vegetable plots, the rest in small trays. I just hope they would grow since almost half of them are quite “old” (left over from past years). And with the seesaw-like temperature we've been having, I’m half-afraid they won’t germinate.

However, the coming days looks promising. The arctic wind is still present, but the sky seems to be clearing up. I hope spring will stop teasing us and come back to stay. I would love to bask in the sun and feel its warmth seep through my bones --- it not only drives away the vestiges of winter but also chases the blues that the cold season brings out of my system. Waking up to a sunny sky leaves less room for depressing, humorless thoughts. And who wouldn’t want to get out of bed with sunbeams streaming through your windows, prodding you to get up and enjoy if not seize the day?

Well, I’m crossing my fingers for a good weather in the coming days. It would be great to see one’s surrounding leap back to life --- bare trees turn green, grass gets covered with dandelions and daisies, bulbs and plants paint the ground in a myriad of colors with their flowers and perfume the air with the scent of spring.


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