Saturday, October 17, 2009

As The Leaves Fall

a spider web on a dewy morning

It seems this blog has been gathering cobwebs these days --- no updates.
Well, with the extended summer season we had, and the seemingly endless things to be done or fixed, especially in the garden, there’s just not much time left to sit down and write something. Or if I had the time, it’s either I couldn’t come up with something to write or there are a lot of things I’d like to write about that I don’t know where and how to start.

autumn in the mountains

But the warm season has ended and we are now well under autumn, so I guess I have to "restart" blogging... even about mundane things, just to, at least, give me a sort of momentum in updating this site. And since it's autumn, I might as well start by talking about it.

oak leaves

I believe autumn is the best time to see the leaves' beauty
--- there are less flowers and colors to compete with their allure as they turn from green to yellow then orange and finally to brown as they fall to the ground. Even with the drop in the temperature, summer seems to extend well to the first two "ber" months with the leaves' warm colors of orange, red and yellow in varying degrees. And with the morning mist, the air gets filled with a note of magic and mystery… as if an enchantress has cast a spell to make time stand still… even for just a moment.

misty morning in the Pyrénées

Well, autumn might herald the coming of the cold months, but it lends an atmosphere of nostalgic and enchanting beauty. I still prefer warmer days, but as far as ambiance and colors are concerned, I believe autumn is the most beautiful season of the year.


sweetbay said...

I agree, autumn is truly a magical time of year. I love the spiderweb photo. You live in such beautiful country, whereabouts do you live? The scenery is spectacular!

Makis said...

Beautiful dewy cobweb shot!
Our weather on the south is kind of a touch & go but happy it's warm during the day and oh so cold during the mornings & nights.
I agree that my blogsphere is also a bit slow.

lareine said...

to sweet bay: the landscape photos are taken in the Pyrénées in the southwest of France... it's a lovely region all year round that's why we love to go there on vacations... i live in France, by the way...

to makis:the nights are really freezing nowadays... but at least there's the sun during the day to keep the cold at bay... although, i think the mistral there in the south can quickly blow away the warmth of the sun... good thing autumn colors can still give the impression of warmth :)...

Unknown said...

These images are very pretty! i think we all go through periods where we get blog-block, lol. But I love your area!

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