Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So Long, Blue Sky

a fine October day

Sunny days outnumbered gray ones last October. But now that it is the wet, wet month of November, I think we’ve seen the last of blue skies and pleasant temperature for this season. although I sincerely hope not for I’m already missing it.

Well, at least I could try to console myself that the weather has been relatively clement for a longer period this year. And rain is good for the plants while the temperature is not yet close to freezing. We had almost no rain for about 3 months last summer and the garden needs a good amount of watering.

Besides, time flies fast. Before you know it, the gray sky will be clear again, and rain will be replaced by snow. It would be colder, but I think snow is lot more fun than rain. For the mean time, let me just say a temporary adieu to blue sky and sunny days.


Unknown said...

Time does fly by way too fast - seems like each year goes quicker than the last. Love your pretty leaves!

lareine said...

lisa, it seems that time is like grains of sand sliping through our fingers... good thing there's the camera to capture wonderful moments (well as much as what the memory card and our hands can handle:))

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