Monday, May 12, 2008

Bright Sunny Days

our yellow tulips on a sunny day

I know I have been slack in posting entries these past days. Well, good weather has finally arrived in France and we’ve been having bright clear days, almost summer-like for almost two weeks. Plus, we’ve had two long weekends. May 1, Labor Day, falls on a Thursday, so Friday becomes a company holiday or if not, people usually pose a day-off. And the same with May 8, the World War II Armistice Day. And until around 3 years ago, Pentecostal Monday (lundi de PentecĂ´te, the Monday after Pentecost) is a national holiday. But now, it is a working day, although still many take a day off to prolong the weekend. So this year, the preceding weekend has been really a long one.

Taking advantage of the holidays and the sunny days, for the past two weeks, we’ve been gardening and catching up on some reading. Also we took sometime to visit my in-laws in the northern part of France and crossed the border to Belgium for a short visit. So, please excuse me if I have neither updated this blog nor visited your sites. I’ll try to make it up for these coming days. It’s just that the weather is so good --- sunny, warm with a soft breeze to cool the skin that I find it a shame to spend it indoors. I’ll really try to visit everybody and post an entry periodically. As soon as I have sown the seeds we bought and planted our summer bulbs, I’ll be more diligent. After all, I just have to wait for them to grow… if they will grow *winks*.

Having said that, I’ll go back to gardening and get another good dose of the sun. But I’ll make it appoint to visit everybody before the week is over. And post an entry, even a short one every other day, if not everyday :). Ciao!


Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

hi Lareine =)

yeah, I kinda miss your visits! landed here doing my weekly rounds. Its ok though if we had a weather like that in Manila I would probably be gardening myself and not blogging hahaha! neway, the rainy season just started here kinda early I should say. Take care Lareine and happy gardening =)

wendy =)

lareine said...

hi wendy (from the eyes of my heart)!
i really would like to thank you for dropping by periodically... i'm ashamed to admit i haven't done my part for the past weeks... it's just that if i want to plant something, the time is now or else it would be too late...

too bad, summer is over there... but then, i think it's kinda refreshing after several months of hot, humid weather... last year here, we only had something like a few weeks of sun and then brrrr! it's cold, windy and rainy... i think everybody here has been waiting for the sun for a long time and now that it's here, it seems we couldn't get enough of it...

again, thanks for the visit and i'll drop by your site as soon as i can... you enjoy the week:)

Analyse said...

i have to start planting some seeds too.. well, it will be my first time, lol..

happy gardening!

lareine said...

analyse: yep, it's time to turn the soil and plant those little grains of life... it can be tiring, but the result is worth the back pains and broken nails :)

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