Saturday, May 31, 2008

Make A Wish

a dandelion clock

Well, summer is just around the corner. Dandelions and common daisies would be replaced by red poppies and rolls of hay in the field. Parks and beaches would be filled with people basking in the summer sun; with kids frolicking in the sand or playing “catch me if you can,” filling the air with chatter and heart-felt laughter; with birds, dogs and cats sharing picnic lunches as they watch two-legged creatures mingle and make strange noises, some of them with a weird looking black object over their eyes.

How I wish for this to happen! But right now, after a few weeks of summer-like heat, the world turned suddenly cold and soggy. Hmmm… maybe the Gods just want to tease mere mortals like me who long for that balmy Zephyr breeze and Apollo’s sun enveloping everything in its golden glow. I hope this is the case. And come summertime, the much sought yellow disk in the sky will reign for at least several weeks.

Whenever I see a dandelion clock, I feel the urge to blow it and make a wish, just like what kids usually do. I know doing so would only disperse the seeds, but it so tempting to give it a little puff of air and let the winds winnow it to the abode of the Gods, carrying my request for some sunshine and a little warmth. Tick tock, tick tock, let the summer countdown begins… and hopefully, the fulfillment of my small wish. Why not make your wish, too... who knows, someone up there will hear it and make it come true :). And then, blow this dandelion clock and let it fill our hearts with hope as the featherlight "snow" make its journey to the land of wishes and dreams.


Selerines said...

Hey friend.. To say the truth.. The photos are really superb.. I want you post some pictures of Roses.. Can you?

lareine said...

hi selerines! thank you very much for your very flattering comment:)... i'll look for some photos of roses and post it... meanwhile you can take a look at my entry entitled "nunc scio quid sit amor" ... i have a few photos of roses there :)... again, thanks for the visit nad the comment :)

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